How I Began Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

By Tom Laessig

Eating healthy is the secret to losing weight. My journey started with hypnosis and adopting healthy eating habits. It all began in the spring of 2019 when a good friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a very young age.  

I did some research to determine how the hypnosis community handles this type of autoimmune disease.  

I wanted to see if working with the subconscious mind could help slow down or even eliminate the disease.

Dr. Terry Wahls

Although I did not find any protocols using hypnosis, I was directed to a Ted Talk given by Dr. Terry Wahls.  

Dr. Wahls talked about how she was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and even with access to the greatest doctors and medicines available, her body deteriorated to the point where she was confined to a wheelchair.  

She felt that living her life in a wheelchair was unacceptable, so she went about researching how the body works and how she could heal herself.  

You can find all the details about how she accomplished new health in this video which is very well done and runs for 18 minutes.

Essentially, Dr. Wahls changed her diet.  She focused on a modified Paleo Diet.  

She showed a slide during the Ted Talk which really affected me.  

The slide, at 5:26, showed the typical American family surrounded by the food they typically eat in one week.  

There was cereal, cookies, milk, pizza, potato chips, soda, etc..

These are mostly processed foods.  Dr. Wahls contends that we are not eating the proper foods to provide the nutrients our body needs.  

In fact, she says, we are starving our bodies and this results in an increase in diabetes, obesity and disease as our society becomes more affluent and chooses processed foods because of their convenience and improved taste.  

However, the chemicals used to achieve the convenience and improved taste have caused more and more cases of autism and ADHD in children in our society.

My Reality

In December of 2019, my son got married.  To prepare for the wedding, I had to be fitted for a new suit.  

I was encouraged to get a slim-fit suit so I would look good at the wedding along with the much younger groomsmen.  

At the time, I was pushing 195 lbs.  Yes, the suit fit, but I was extremely uncomfortable.

It wasn't until we got the wedding photos in January 2020 that the harsh reality set in.  

The pictures proved that I was overweight.  And I knew I wasn’t healthy.  

I wasn't even able to get my wedding ring off and on easily anymore and I kept telling myself that my hands were swollen for some lame reason, making excuses.  

I wasn’t feeling good about myself.

It was time to adopt a new lifestyle and to eat properly.  

The first thing I stopped doing was drinking beer.  

I always got a bloated feeling while drinking beer.  

By making that simple change, I noticed an instant difference in my body and I could see my weight quickly drop down from 195 to 187.

Dr. Jack Kruse

Then, I had another revelation.  

I had a client come in for a hypnosis session and he was very well-read.  

He loves reading books and listening to podcasts.  

We started talking about proper food to eat and the danger of processed foods.  

He introduced me to Dr. Jack Kruse and I listened to a podcast that interviewed Dr. Kruse and it further changed the way I would treat my body. 

During the podcast, Dr. Kruse discusses how he began his journey to amazing health.  

He is a neurosurgeon who had his life change when he got up on stage to deliver a speech as a resident physician.  

When he got up out of his chair to get to the microphone, he tore the MCL in his knee.  

Now, he was overweight, pushing 360 lbs, but that incident changed him.

He met the wife of a fellow surgeon who was a bio technician and she gave him a book to read and some technical papers.  

This started his transformation where he lost over 150 lbs and has become an expert in biohacking.  

To lose the weight, he describes himself as eating like a great white shark and living like a polar bear.  

He changed the way he ate by implementing a diet that was high in fats and proteins, mostly from seafood, and ate very few carbohydrates.  

He also practiced cold thermogenesis which helped him improve his energy and heal his body.  

All the details can be heard at his podcast.   Listen below.  He talks about his transformation at 3:29.

Dr. Jack Kruse on Podcast

My Lifestyle Change

I decided to change my lifestyle, or more specifically, the way I ate. Plus, I do weight loss hypnotherapy.  I actually hypnotize myself to lose weight.

Sticking to a Paleo-type diet that Dr. Wahl recommends, I eliminated processed foods.  

I no longer eat breads or pasta or sweets and I would describe my diet this way, “I only eat what the caveman could eat”.  

In other words, I cook all my meals and I don’t eat convenience foods.  

My routine finds me cooking a meal for dinner and saving the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Following this routine, I was able to lose 25 lbs in about 3 months.  

I never felt like I was starving or missing out on food I truly enjoyed.  

In fact, I used self-hypnosis to eliminate any cravings for foods that I once ate, mostly convenience foods, which as you may know, are all processed foods.

No longer do I go to my favorite convenience store, Wawa.  

Previously, I would go to Wawa for lunch each day and "grab a sandwich".  

The chemicals that are added to processed food are not going into my body anymore.

My body cannot process those chemicals and I won't risk the damage the chemicals can create.

I stopped drinking diet Pepsi, which I once thought lessened my appetite because it had no calories.  

I liked the taste but I knew it was tearing me up inside and then I learned that artificial sugars cause your body to actually crave sugar.  

Your pancreas expects to receive sugar and creates the insulin to counteract the sugar.  

Instead, it gets the artificial sugar, which it cannot process, and needs more sugar to maintain balance.

Hypnosis Helps

Hypnotherapy for weight loss has completely removed those items from my life.  

The problem with most diets is that they are difficult to maintain.  

It was different for me because I was never starving myself nor have I ever felt a craving for foods that I no longer eat.  

My subconscious mind has been rewired to eat only healthy foods and dismiss unhealthy processed foods and carbohydrates.

Joseph Onesta - Hypnofasting

In October 2020, I was introduced to Joseph Onesta, who wrote a book called, The Hypnofasting Program Guide.  

In the book, he describes his journey of losing 100 pounds and going from being a type 2 diabetic to a person with a very low A1C level below 5%.  

He describes, in detail, his process of discovering the proper foods to eat and introduces the reader to fasting.  

I recommend the purchase of his book.  It's an easy read and it describes how to have healthy eating habits, that is, eating low carbohydrates and high fat foods and use fasting to lose weight and be healthier.

From the book, I learned that we all naturally fast.  In fact, I now skip breakfast every day and eat lunch at noon for my first meal of the day and finish dinner by 7 pm.  

This way, I have a 17 hour fast.  

This is important, because if you don't eat, your body eats your fat.  

Your body can convert fat to energy when it’s not being fed carbohydrates (sugars) for energy.  

The old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been largely debunked.

Even though I am “fasting”, I don't feel hungry very often.  

Hunger is a thought or a feeling.  My body is never hungry because, if it needs energy, it burns fat.  If it burns fat, I lose weight.  

More importantly, I lose inches around my waist.  I went from a 36 inch waist to 33.  

Also, by burning fat around my organs, they become healthier and more vibrant.

Hunger is merely a passing thought, and as I said before, I use hypnosis to move beyond those thoughts of hunger.

More Fasting Benefits

Mr. Onesta describes more extreme fasting such as OMAD or One Meal A Day.  

He even does 36-hour fasts or a 72-hour fast.  

The purpose of a longer fast is to reset your body and to produce ketones which are a tremendous source of energy for your body.

When you don't have enough insulin in your body to turn sugar or glucose into energy, you need another source, so your body uses fat instead.  

Your liver turns this fat into ketones and ketones make you feel less hungry and helps you to maintain muscle.  For more details, purchase Joseph Onesta's book.

Dr. Ken Berry - Proper Human Diet

Fasting wasn't intriguing to me at first because I didn't need to lose a lot of weight.  

It wasn't until I started following Dr. Ken Berry that I recognized the benefit of fasting for myself.  

Dr. Berry often talks about the proper human diet.  This diet is high in fats and low in carbohydrates.  

I recognize the proper human diet as the chosen diet for me personally.

I saw this video podcast where Dr. Berry had a dietitian named Amy Burger as a guest to discuss her new book, the Alzheimer's Antidote.  

I often find myself, as I'm getting older, becoming more forgetful and I know this is a natural occurrence, but I had a grandfather who had Alzheimer's before he died and my father is currently living with Parkinson's and dementia.  

I bought Amy's book and was fascinated with her research.  Essentially, creating ketones is a tremendous way to, not only help reverse the effects of Alzheimer's, but to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's.  

Ketones are a high level of energy that the brain requires.

By following the proper human diet and fasting to create ketones, you can see an improvement in cognitive function and memory retention.

Results of Weight Loss with Hypnosis

It has been over a year and I have maintained my weight at 165 lbs.  In fact, I found myself as low as 160 lbs, which is my college weight.  

For me, it's easy to maintain this weight and I intend to continue eating this way for the rest of my life.    I call this my diet hypnosis.

I want to conclude my story by giving you a link to another interesting presentation I found on YouTube.  

The narrator provides some history of the human diet and reasons why he chooses to eat only once a day.  

The video provides more substantiation for eating the way I do.  The video is a short 16 minutes.

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