Are You an Obese Type 2 Diabetic?

By Tom Laessig

Obese Type 2 diabetics are 42.4% of the population in 2020 and has been increasing every year.  About 1 in 7 Americans are Type 2 diabetic.  That's probably a low number because many Americans don't even know that they are diabetic.

Read this excerpt from Joseph Onesta's book, Hypnofasting Program Guide.

The book is available on Amazon for less than $10 and it's an easy read.  

It describes Joseph's battle with obesity and Type 2 diabetes and how he has overcome his Type 2 diabetes using hypnosis and intermittent fasting and continues to maintain his preferred weight.

From the book

If you are obese, it can be argued that you have some degree of “insulin resistance.” What that means is you may use more insulin to regulate blood glucose than people who are not obese.

Type 2 diabetes is an extreme form of insulin resistance. Some diabetics must take one medication, while others might take two.

Some diabetics literally have to inject insulin into their bodies to have enough insulin to do the job. 

The essential problem is that diabetes treatment focuses on the removal of glucose, (sugar) from the blood.

The process of removing glucose from the blood actually causes obesity.

 Obesity is not the problem, as in, “Lose weight and you will control your diabetes.”

If there's no other reason for your obesity, there's so much glucose in your blood that your liver has no alternative but to convert it into fat.

Joseph lost over 100lbs by changing the way he eats and by utilizing hypnosis to lose weight and make the process easy.  

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