My First Try at Extended Intermittent Fasting

By Tom Laessig

Intermittent fasting has been on my mind for awhile. On a normal day, I naturally fast 17 hours.  Usually, I finish eating dinner by 7pm and then don’t eat again until noon the next day.

Why did I do an extended fast?  I don’t need to lose more weight but I was interested in gaining more mental clarity and gain the benefits of autophagy

So, I initially targeted a 36 hour fast but it ended up being 48 hours. 

Day One

My fast started after my meal at 7pm on Tuesday and I did my normal fast into Wednesday. At that time, I weighed 164.6.  

I played golf Wednesday late morning and felt good on the golf course and played pretty well.  During that time, I kept my mind off of eating by being active.  

There were instances where I craved food, especially when my mind knows I would have eaten at that particular time.  At that point, I would feel hungry

When I got home late from working Wednesday afternoon, I watched some TV and then went to my bedroom to read before I fell asleep around 9:30pm. 

Day Two

When I woke up Thursday morning at 36 hours, I weighed 162.0 and felt normal. I felt fine until I got to the office when I started feeling less energy.

At this point, autophagy is supposed to kick in and I wanted to see the effect on my mind and body. So far, I had nothing to report.

I was busy doing hypnosis sessions on Thursday.  At 3pm (45 hours), I no longer had hunger.

At this point, I think I could have gone longer, but since it's my first time, I only did 48 hours. I went home and didn't rush to eat.

Interestingly, I weighed 163.4. I somehow gained weight during the day.

I made a normal dinner.  I ate my meal and felt fine.  I had a chicken dish with mushrooms in a white sauce. 

At about 8pm, I got the runs. Not pleasant. I think I should have eaten something different and eaten a little at a time.  I think my body was resetting at that point.


Overall, a good experience, although I saw no increased mental clarity or any physical signs of autophagy.  On Friday morning, I weighed 162.4

I intend to do more intermittent fasting in the future.  I want to do a 72 hour fast to better feel the effects I was hoping for. 

When I first thought of 72 hours, I was very hesitant, but noticing my lack of hunger at 45 hours, I could have done it.

I find it fascinating that your body can improve by NOT eating!

Whether you do a Mediterranean Diet, Keto Diet, Weight Watchers or any of the many diets out there, you can benefit from intermittent fasting.

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