Hypnosis for Migraines to Live Pain-Free

By Tom Laessig

I had a woman come in to see me because she suffered terribly with migraine headaches and other pain in her neck and back.  I suggested we do hypnosis for migraines.  

She would get migraine headaches 2 or 3 times per week.  Sometimes they were so bad, she would need to miss work.

She started to get these migraines many years ago.  We went through her history and talked about some traumatic events in her life. 

She started her own hair salon in 2000. 

Her father tragically died a few years after opening the store.

She has been in several car accidents which have affected her neck and back.

Finally, she was married to an abusive husband and eventually divorced him.  

During her sessions, we focused on the negative emotions tied to these events.  We worked on releasing those emotions.  Memories cannot be changed but the emotions tied to those memories can be released and made ineffectual now.

The sessions relieved her of her useless and unnecessary migraine headaches and the other pain she felt in her neck and back.  

She would text me every day saying how great she felt.  She is pain free.

Sometimes, it’s the mind causing useless, unnecessary pain and hypnosis can work to relieve the pain, permanently.  

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About the Author

Tom received his first hypnotherapist certification in 2018 from the National Guild of Hypnotists and has seen hundreds of clients to help them improve their lives.

Through hypnosis, he has helped many people with issues that have held them back from a full and happy life.

Many of the problems people have in their life today are caused by events that are stored in their subconscious mind and Tom will help guide you to change the way your mind processes triggering events.

Whether you want to stop smoking, eat healthier, overcome fears, sleep better or improve your mental golf game,

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