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Tom Laessig
Tom Laessig, CH

Are you a Smoker that really wants to quit?

We combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground-breaking neurological process to address the smoking problem in the subconscious mind where the habits and cravings have been stored for many years.

The goal is to eliminate the smoking habit completely for life using a natural process with no drugs, no cravings, and no withdrawal.  

Want to improve your Mental Golf game?

Many golfers have great swings and yet cannot win on the golf course because they can't make the 3 foot putt or they panic when hitting over a hazard.

Learn techniques to overcome a bad mental golf game and get the mental edge over your opponents.  See how hypnosis can can improve your golf game and learn to control your emotions on the golf course.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and powerful state that allows suggestions to be made directly to your subconscious mind in order to make significant changes in your life.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is very powerful and contains all your life's data including your imagination, long term memories, emotions, habits, beliefs and more.  

The Conscious Mind

Your conscious mind is your gateway to the world and is responsible for your analysis, will power, rationale and short term memory and, during hypnosis, the conscious mind is bypassed and communication occurs directly to the subconscious mind. 

Powerful changes can be made in this state.  To find out more about how hypnosis works, you can read some excerpts from various studies by clicking here or read a psychotherapist's definition.

Use hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight, eliminate bad habits, release fears, reduce anxiety, improve sports performance and many other useful changes in your life.

You can achieve great things with hypnosis.  Contact Hypnotherapist, Tom Laessig.

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Now Doing Hypnosis on Zoom

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we can now do hypnosis sessions on Zoom.  All you need is a computer with a web cam and microphone.  It works best with headphones or ear buds, if you have them.  We have the same success on Zoom as with office sessions.  On the scheduling intake form that you will complete when booking a session, indicate that Zoom is your preference.

Service Locations

Achieve Hypnotherapy services the Philadelphia area including Montgomery County, Bucks County and Delaware County.  Located in Montgomeryville close to Lansdale, Horsham, Hatfield, Doylestown, Warrington, Warminster, Willow Grove, Hatboro, Fort Washington, Lower Gwynedd, North Wales and Blue Bell.


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Meet the Hypnotist

After 30 years of helping people with their retirement plans, life insurance needs and Medicare questions, Tom has begun to help people with the mental side of life. Through hypnosis, he has assisted many people with the issues that have held them back from a full and happy life.

Tom has spent many years coaching ice hockey, football and is known to help a few of his fellow golfers with their golf swing. He now uses hypnosis to help his players overcome mental issues that hold them back from peak performance.

Tom Laessig

Tom Laessig, CH

Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy Certified Hypnotist
National Guild of Hypnotists

What People are Saying ...

I knew something powerful was about to happen

The moment I walked through Tom’s door I knew something powerful was about to happen. Welcomed with a warm smile, a comforting space and a reassuring presence, my life was about to change more than I knew! For 35 years I smoked. Friends and loved ones begged me to stop. How could I ever stop when life keeps bringing stressors?!? Life’s challenges will always be there but the cigarettes don’t have to be. We know our bad habits can be harmful, crippling and even deadly. But how do we change? Tom takes the time to listen and tailor a session exclusively to you that makes leaving your bad habits behind effortless. He’s a wonderful guide through your subconscious mind and I am forever grateful. I feel healthier and happier than I have in decades.


I wanted to lose weight

I reached out to Tom because I wanted to lose weight. I gained a significant amount of weight during the pandemic and while I was working from home, my eating habits took an unhealthy turn. I ate more often, snacked all day long, and always felt hungry no matter the time of the day. It was especially bad while I watched TV, seeing all the food commercials and watching people eat on TV. I needed to train my mind that I was NOT hungry and I reached out to Tom. Tom and I discussed my weaknesses and I wanted hypnotherapy to reinforce my mind that I was full and not hungry. Tom assured me this was a common problem and we got to work immediately with hypnosis. It's been about 6 weeks and I've lost 6 pounds. I don't feel the hunger pains and know sooner rather than later when I feel "full". I feel like after my hypnosis sessions I just "snapped out it". It was the reinforcement I need and I feel great. My goal is 10lbs, I view this as a Marathon and not a sprint and plan to be at my goal weight in late October.November. I highly recommend reaching out to Tom and set your weight-loss goals with hypnotherapy.

Kathy P.

My experience with Tom has been great!

My experience with Tom has been great! I came to him at a loss on how to stick to a healthy diet in order to lose weight and curb the cravings that have always taken over and prevented me from losing weight in the past. I started with Tom two months ago and have lost 26lbs so far!

After the very first session, I was able to immediately make changes and my whole outlook on food has changed! I no longer look for food that will fill my belly. I choose food that will nourish my body instead. It feels almost effortless bc I just simply do not want the junk food anymore.

I was also an avid diet iced tea drinker. I would drink about 2 gallons a week. I now only drink water and my morning coffee. Processed foods and added sugars are a thing of the past and I owe it all to this process!

Nora R.