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Paul "Bear" Bryant on Winning

"Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second"

Bear Bryant knew how important winning was to his athletes and he would prepare the Alabama football team on the practice fields and in the gym. The players that were successful had the right mindset, the confidence, and the motivation to win. These include players like Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler who knew how to reach peak performance.

Alabama Football

Alabama Football

Mental Toughness with Hypnosis

Tiger Woods with Intense Focus

When Tiger was just six years old, his father utilized sports hypnosis by having him listen to hypnotic recordings.  Sports hypnosis helped Tiger get the Mental Edge.

"I will own my destiny. I believe in me. I smile at obstacles. I fulfill my resolutions powerfully. My strength is great. My will moves mountains. I focus and give it my all. My decisions are strong. I do it with all my heart." 

 -- Golf World 

How can you, as an elite athlete, get the Mental Edge?

Most elite athletes practice hard and spend a lot of time in the gym and they work on all the physical requirements necessary to excel at their sport.  When two elite athletes or teams face each other, the athlete with the mental toughness will prevail.  At Philly Sports Hypnotist, we will teach you mental techniques for your sport and solidify those techniques with the power of hypnosis.  
Girls Soccer Champions with Hypnosis

How does Sports Hypnosis give you the Mental Edge?

As a Mental Athlete, you want your subconscious mind to perform for you and sports hypnosis is the direct pipeline to the subconscious mind.  Under hypnosis, we make suggestions directly to the subconscious mind to change the way you approach the sport that you play.
We will explain the Mind Model and how to use it to improve your performance and gain that mental edge.
Hockey Champions with Hypnosis

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