Hypnosis for Baseball

By Tom Laessig

Story About Using Hypnosis for Baseball

I had a local college baseball player come to see me to improve his confidence in the field.  He is a freshman and plays 3rd base.

Suddenly, he can’t make the throw to first base any more.  He feels like he needs to "pitch" the ball to the first baseman and that never works.

He’s a very good hitter but his coach won’t play him because of throwing errors.

In his first session, we worked on visualization and confidence.

That weekend, the starting 3rd basement got hurt, so he stepped in and went 4 for 4 with a homer and cleanly fielded 3 ground balls.

He’s starting every game now and feels no stress on the field anymore.

He came in for a follow-up session and his smile was ear to ear.  We established goals and affirmations so he can keep working on his mental game.

Most athletes practice their skills everyday but ignore the mental side of their performance.  Most coaches don't know how to teach their athletes a sound, mental approach.  And they certainly can't solidify thoughts and behaviors like a hypnotist can!

Working with the mind, athletes can improve their performance.  Hypnosis for baseball helps improve the athlete's mindset.

Read what the Cleveland Clinic says about sports hypnosis.

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