Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

By Tom Laessig

Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

The Description of the Problem

Michelle used hypnosis for stress and anxiety.  She had anxiety for many years and was medicated for most of that time.  Her parents divorced when she was young.  

She lived with her father who was a womanizer and Michelle saw many families moving in and out of her house as she grew up.

Michelle got married to a man with a stable family and they have 2 children who she loves very much.  

She was tired of being difficult as she constantly battled with her in-laws over raising her children to the point where she stopped inviting them to family events.

In the hypnosis session, Michelle was able to deal with the negative emotions she constantly felt and was able to release those negative feelings and get started on a new path.

She described her results in an email to me.  

Michelle says ...

“I finally have clarity! I can think and make decisions more clearly."

"My self-confidence and self-love are improving and I even invited the in laws out with us for fall festivities on Sunday."

"It’s funny it’s like I have this epiphany."

"Problems or issues that I would normally dwell on but instead I problem solve them myself and move on because it’s like my brain is finally wired correctly."

"I can talk to people more easily and I feel like my old self (before I had kids) where I stand up for myself and what I want without guilt."

"If I do start having negative thoughts, I redirect very easily, it’s like this little voice saying “how is that going to serve you?”  

"Over all I see so many improvements and am super happy about that!”

Hypnosis for for Stress and Anxiety works and can change people’s lives.

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