Hypnosis for Nail Biting

February 25, 2021

Most nail-biters are women.  They want to have beautiful nails that they can paint and look good but they got into the nasty habit of biting their nails causing a visit to the beauty salon to have fake nails put on their fingers.  They need hypnosis for nail biting.

Jim Bites His Nails

In Jim's case, he bites his nails all the way down as far as he possibly can.  When he finds a piece of skin out of place, he makes sure he cuts it off with clippers or even a knife.

Mangled Fingers

His fingers are always hurting and bleeding because of this terrible habit.  He finds himself wasting a lot of time looking over his nails and deciding where they needed to be trimmed.  The habit has become an obsession and he chose to use hypnosis to help him eliminate this bad habit.

Hypnosis Session #1

Hypnosis for nail biting requires a normal hypnosis session where I made direct suggestions to Jim to treat his nails with respect and to notice how healthy his fingers begin to look when he stopped biting them.  We did some future pacing which involves projecting into the future and imagining how good his fingers will look when they are left alone.

The Results

The session went well and when I followed up in a week, Jim had a curious response. He said he looks at his nails but has no urge to bring them to his mouth.  He found himself just looking at them.

Hypnosis Session #2

We spoke again 2 weeks after our session and he said his nails began the grow in and he didn't know how to handle healthy nails.  We did a second session to reinforce his new belief that is nails are healthy and there was no reason to bring them to his mouth for biting.  Jim had a great experience and has other life issues that we will examine soon.

Nail Biting Statistics

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About the Author - 
Tom Laessig

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