Fear of Highway Driving

December 13, 2022

Fear of highway driving can be triggered from statistics like these.  I had a young woman, Donna, come in for hypnosis sessions because she had a fear of driving on highways.  Donna took back roads any time she wanted to drive somewhere.

Because of this fear, she was unable to drive to her parents house because they live 40 minutes away and she wasn't comfortable driving that distance and on the highways.  

The fear kept her from opportunities and Donna wanted to move on with her life.  She needed help and hypnosis for her anxiety was a good solution for her.

Her boyfriend drove her to the session.   I found Donna to be a delightful young person.

Hypnosis Session Pre-Talk

During the usual pre-session conversation, she revealed that she had some other problems involving a pain syndrome that is very rare and the pain comes and goes.  The syndrome started a few years ago when she moved her household from the west coast.  The trauma of the move resulted in her pain and fear.

Hypnosis Session

During the session, we focused on the emotions that are connected to her fear of driving on the highways. She scanned her subconscious mind and found the negative emotions responsible.  Using hypnotherapy, she was able to release those emotions and I could see her body change as she sighed with relief. 

After the hypnosis session, she felt great and left with a big smile on her face.


I called Donna a few days later to see how she was doing.  She said she just drove on Lincoln Drive, which is a very fast and winding road in Philadelphia along the Schuylkill River. I was very proud of her.  She was very happy and she even said the pain that she often felt from the syndrome had gone away.

How to overcome fear of driving on highway.  Fears are usually the result of some past trauma.  Emotions that are created by a trauma can reveal themselves in many ways. In Donna's case, her fear held her back from driving on the highway. We dealt with the negative emotions she had from a traumatic event and now she is free of that fear of highway driving.

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About the Author - 
Tom Laessig

Tom received his first hypnotherapist certification in 2018 from the National Guild of Hypnotists and has seen hundreds of clients to help them improve their lives.

Through hypnosis, he has helped many people with issues that have held them back from a full and happy life.

Many of the problems people have in their life today are caused by events that are stored in their subconscious mind and Tom will help guide you to change the way your mind processes triggering events.

Whether you want to stop smoking, eat healthier, overcome fears, sleep better or improve your mental golf game,

Tom can help you by working with your subconscious mind to make the changes you desire.

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