Stress Relief

Stress relief using hypnosis can relieve stress which is important because excessive tension can have life-threatening consequences. Although a natural part of life, stress is how you deal with your feelings that can be the difference between a healthy, happy life and one where it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning.  These feelings can cause anxiety.

Stress can present itself in many ways as it may appear on your skin as hives, as a feeling of nausea, having panic attacks or general grumpiness.  You may feel anxious or worried or have self-doubt.  Stress can affect you physically with high blood pressure, binge eating or a weakened immune system and can lead to chronic illnesses, heart attack or stroke.  Stress can occur because of past life events including childhood memories.  Read how the Cleveland Clinic describes stress.

You can get relief from stress with hypnosis and we will teach you the benefits of self-hypnosis that you can utilize anytime, anywhere to help you take control your life.  Self-Hypnosis is similar to meditation techniques but allows you to make suggestions for change that can improve your life.  You will learn relaxation techniques to relieve stressful situations.