Breaking Bad Habits

Break bad habits using hypnosis because no one is born with bad habits and studies have shown that most behaviors are learned between birth and the age of seven.  Children learn quickly from the environment around them and family, friends and classmates leave a lasting impression on children.  As behaviors become repetitive, they become habits, some good and some bad and breaking bad habits can be difficult.

Bad habits can be anything from too much caffeine, too much shopping, nail biting, smoking, overeating, snacking and the list can be endless.  Using hypnosis, we can make suggestions to your subconscious mind to make the necessary changes to break bad habits because during the hypnotic state, you are open to suggestions and detached from your conscious mind.  The conscious mind is that part of your mind that is always looking to activate the bad habit.

I know first hand how habits can be broken because I once drank a lot of Diet Pepsi during the day.  I would drink 4 or 5 bottles (20oz) and crave a bottle when I didn't have it.  Using hypnosis, I was able to stop drinking Diet Pepsi and I would never think about it again because there was no craving any more.  I have had success helping people to stop smoking, stop drinking Red Bull and Diet Coke, stop eating salty snacks and many other bad habits.