The Mental Edge Program

Is your son or daughter a good athlete that works hard but never reaches that champion level?

Does your athlete lack confidence?  

Is your child often nervous before a game or match? 

The Mental Edge Program will give your son or daughter the skills needed to be a Champion!  Sign up for a call that will make a difference in your child's life.

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How the Mental Edge Program Works

  • Commitment from Athlete to establish goals for performance
  • Visualization of the perfect game/match
  • Development of affirmations for positive thought process
  • Relaxation techniques for practice and competition
  • Confidence builders
  • Hypnosis used to solidify mental techniques

See if Sports Hypnosis is Right for You

Have a 20 minute conversation with Tom

The Mental Edge Program

Session 1

  • Discuss Past Performance
  • Develop Personal Goals
  • Describe Mind Model
  • Hypnosis Pre-Talk

Session 2

  • Review Session 1
  • Understand Pre-Talk
  • Hypnosis Session
  • Schedule Session 3 after a competition

Session 3

  • Review Previous Performance
  • Evaluate Progress
  • Hypnosis Session
  • Get MP3 of Session 2

Session 4

  • Review Progress
  • Hypnosis Session
  • Teach Self-Hypnosis

Ready to Win!!