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The Mental Edge Program

As a sports coach, how would you like your team to have an edge in competitions?

Would your athletes benefit from learning mental techniques to improve their performance?

Practice time is limited as you focus on game preparation, skill development and conditioning.

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The Mental Edge Program - Team Talk

Whether you're a college coach, a high school coach or even a youth coach, your team could benefit from mental training with your athletes.  Whatever the sport you coach, the benefits from mental training are significant.

Schedule a FREE team talk for your team.  Your athletes will learn how to perform at peak levels.  To be "in the zone".   Your team will be introduced to the Mental Edge Program.  The Program teaches mental techniques for athletes that want to excel.

The team talk can be held before or after practice or any other time convenient for the team.  Parents can be invited to attend. During the meeting, your athletes will be taught to set goals, think positively, learn relaxation techniques and visualize success. They will hear how hypnosis is used to solidify these mental techniques.

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