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You want to stop eating sweets and pizza and processed foods that you know are unhealthy.

You know that your long-term health depends on the choices you make with the food.

Your tired of wearing tight clothes and always feeling sluggish.

Let hypnosis be the solution for getting healthy and reducing your weight.

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  1. Are you ready for a permanent solution to tight fitting clothes and constant fatigue?

  2. Would you like to easily bend over and tie your shoes?

  3. Do you want to be free of medications that cause unwanted side affects?

Say goodbye to a negative self-image and embrace a happier, healthier you with hypnosis.

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You are not alone. I have helped many people change their eating habits so that they are healthier. They don't think anymore about finishing the food on their plate or always having dessert after dinner. Hypnosis has helped them change their mindset toward food, permanently. Even I experienced the benefits of hypnosis as I lost 30lbs several years ago and have kept the weight off since. Schedule a consultation with me and I can explain how the program worked for me and how it can work for you.


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You have seen the movies and stage shows where a hypnotist can take control of someone. The truth is, a hypnotist cannot control you and cannot have you do anything against your morals or beliefs.

Hypnosis is a much under-utilized method to help people change the way they eat so they can get fitter and be happier.

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Check out what our clients say about their experience

My portion size and sugar intake was too high

I contacted Tom because my portion size and sugar intake was too high. I had heard from a friend of a friend who had great results with another issue. I wasn't a believer, nor a disbeliever, but I thought if it could help me I would give it a try. After the first session I noticed results and the results continued. I could stop eating without the nagging feeling of wanting more. I was able to control my sugar intake, versus it controlling me. Overall, I highly recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone who needs help with an issue.

Robin J.

I No Longer Fight With My Inner Self

If will power alone was the key to successful weight loss, than we would all be thin! I had done Weight Watchers, GOLO, and Intermittent
Fasting, all with little success. Weight Watchers allows all foods which leads to constantly being exposed to your triggers. GOLO is actually a low carb, 1000 calorie diet and you are hungry. Intermittent fasting for me was fast for 16 hours and gorge/graze for 8 hours. Then I did Hypnotherapy. Now I no longer fight with my inner self about when and what to eat but truly know the rules of proper eating. I am consistently eating good food at the right times and seeing results. I am not dropping 10 pounds a week but consistently losing 3 pounds per week without hunger and anxiety and inner struggles. YES, it works, and Tom is excellent at what he does. More importantly, I am not DIETING to lose a certain amount of weight so that I can eat all the foods that caused my problems in the first place. Each time I eat, I reinforce healthy eating and feel satisfied. Think of all the money these other diet plans cost and realize what a value hypnotherapy is!

Nan G.

I Feel So Much Better!

I didn't have any expectations when I signed up for my first session. I came to Tom with a simple request to help me curb my snacking through out my work day. I had a terrible habit of bring in a bag of chips or a box of crackers, and by 5pm, there was just crumbs left in the bag. That compounded with my stagnant desk job translated into a slow metabolism and weight gain. I'm writing this email now from a standing desk and eating an apple. I never would have thought a few sessions could help me get to this point. I feel so much better!

PS: As far as the actual session goes, you gotta try it. Its the MOST relaxed I have ever been!

Lindsey M.

Meet the Hypnotist

Tom Laessig

Tom Laessig, CH

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Hi! I am Tom Laessig,

I received my first hypnotherapist certification in 2018 from the National Guild of Hypnotists and I have seen hundreds of clients in my Montgomeryville, PA office and online using Zoom. 

My goal is to help you improve your life. Using hypnosis, I have helped many people with issues that have held them back from a full and happy life.  

Many of the problems people have in their life today are caused by events stored in their subconscious mind and I help guide them to change the way their mind processes triggering events.

Whether you want to stop smoking, eat healthier, overcome fears, sleep better or improve your mental golf game, I can help you by working with your subconscious mind to make the changes you desire.

National Guild of Hypnotists
Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy Certified Hypnotist


Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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You can decide to do nothing and your life will stay the same.
Weight Loss With Hypnosis

Things get better!!

You can decide to finally make changes to the way you eat

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