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Are anxiety and stress controlling your life? Hypnosis offers a safe and effective solution to help you overcome the debilitating feeling you have every day.

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You are not alone. I have helped many people get relief from stress, fears, insomnia and chronic pain. Hypnosis will help you get back on track to a more productive life filled with happiness and enjoyment. When you are ready, schedule a consultation with me and we will map out a plan of action to get you feeling better again. Permanently.


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You have seen the movies and stage shows where a hypnotist can take control of someone. The truth is, a hypnotist cannot control you and cannot have you do anything against your morals or beliefs.

Hypnosis is a much under utilized method to help those with anxiety. It's safe and effective.

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I prefer not to describe my issue. The session itself was comfortable. The results were amazing! Really stirred up my mind, awakening me to new ways of being in the world. Thank you Tom

Dave H.

I was having problems with my medical boards. I had failed a few times due to stress and psyching myself out. I knew the answers at home and I did well on practice tests, but every time the real exam came around I second guessed myself, changed answers, and didn’t know what to do. I went to Tom as a last resort of sorts. Over two sessions, I found the tools to relax and calm myself and how to put myself into a state of peace and clarity. Tom was not only helpful, but he was kind and accommodating. He walked me through the process before we began and continuously checked up on my progress while I continued to work toward passing my exam. In the end, I did pass! I was cool, calm, and collected and worked through it with a clear mind. I recommend hyponosis to anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, or anything they wish to control better in their lives.

Heather G.

I am very happy with both the process and results of working with Tom. He asks great questions and customizes sessions based on your goals. Soon after my very first session I quit nicotine completely and that was nearly a year ago. More recently I've been working on stress reduction and it's been enormously helpful. The sessions are like giving your racing mind a spa day!

Kevin N.

Meet the Hypnotist

Tom Laessig

Tom Laessig, CH

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Hi! I am Tom Laessig,

I received my first hypnotherapist certification in 2018 from the National Guild of Hypnotists and I have seen hundreds of clients in my Montgomeryville, PA office and online using Zoom. 

My goal is to help you improve your life. Using hypnosis, I have helped many people with issues that have held them back from a full and happy life.  

Many of the problems people have in their life today are caused by events stored in their subconscious mind and I help guide them to change the way their mind processes triggering events.

Whether you want to stop smoking, eat healthier, overcome fears, sleep better or improve your mental golf game, I can help you by working with your subconscious mind to make the changes you desire.

National Guild of Hypnotists
Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy Certified Hypnotist


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