Another Weight Loss with Hypnosis Story

By Tom Laessig

Weight loss with hypnosis.  I visited my dentist for my 6 month cleaning and my hygienist, Cindy, discovered I was a hypnotist.  She was curious about hypnosis for weight loss because she wanted to change her eating and drinking habits.  Cindy felt she was addicted to Coke Zero and she loved the fact there were no calories in the drink and, therefore, she would not gain any weight by drinking it.  We know now that there is research that shows that sugar substitutes are harmful to the body and unhealthy.

The Goal

Cindy is in her mid-50s and she wanted to lose 30 pounds.  Additionally, she wanted to start exercising regularly and compete in a 5K race that was scheduled for 6 months from the day of her session.

The Protocol

I introduced her to the virtual gastric band protocol for losing weight.  The concept involves having a subject go through a mental gastric band surgery, safely and painlessly.  The mind believe the subject stomach has gotten smaller so the subject feels fuller, sooner.  The person stops eating when they are full and puts aside the rest of the meal for leftovers to be eaten at another meal.

The subject is encourage to exercise, to drink more water, to eat healthy foods and to monitor their weight daily.  For Cindy, this protocol worked perfectly because she immediately began exercising, waking up at 5am to go for walks.  She ate less food and felt satisfied and she ate healthier food.  The weight started coming off and she even got a comment from her husband who was concerned she was not eating enough.

The Results

Cindy lost 8 pounds in her first week and had no thoughts about drinking Coke Zero. After 4 weeks, she lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks and was able to fit into her work scrubs more comfortably.  She was able to wear her rings whenever she wanted to because they fit loose and comfortable.  She was still a few pounds away from wearing that bathing suit that she envisioned when she started the program.

Since her hypnosis sessions, Cindy has lost 30 pounds, walks every day at 5 in the morning, fits into that bathing suit, and ran that 5K race all the way through.  She is happy, she is healthy and really benefited from her hypnosis sessions.

You can lose weight with hypnosis.

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