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Sports Performance

I have coached ice hockey for many years. I have seen many talented, skilled players not perform up to their potential. In most cases, their problems can be traced to some mental factors. Nervousness, confidence, attention span are some characteristics of the athlete who doesn’t perform up to their abilities.

I have hypnotized some of my ice hockey players to skate with confidence, to listen to coaching instructions and to communicate with other players on the ice. I have seen great results as players have excelled following a session. Like golf, an ice hockey player needs to let the subconscious mind run the game and leave the conscious mind out of the game. Players are less hesitant and more confidant.

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All athletes can benefit from hypnosis. We can focus on building confidence in the skills they possess and encourage them to accept practice and instruction to improve their performance. My experience in coaching will make the hypnosis session more effective.