Positive Thinking for Golf

By Tom Laessig

July 20, 2020

Golfers Must Stay Positive

Golfers are known to be angry and have negative thoughts about their golf game.  How many times do you see someone throw a club after a bad shot?  What is the usual response to the question "How did you play"?  Usually, you will hear "Not so good" or "I stunk", even if they had some great shots.  You need to stay positive on the golf course.

4 reasons to stay positive on the golf course

Cortisol Release From Negative Thoughts

Having negative thoughts or getting angry releases cortisol throughout your body and cortisol is a stress hormone.  When triggered, your heart rate will increase along with your blood pressure and all that stress will negatively affect your next golf shot.

Having a Positive Physical State

Be aware of your state.  Walk around the course with your head held high and your shoulders back regardless of the shot you just made and this positive state will allow for easier breathing and the spreading of adrenaline throughout your body.

Negative Thoughts are Ignored

Your subconscious mind does not process negatives.  If you say to yourself "Don't pull this left", your mind will hear "Pull this left" and that's the shot you will execute.  Focus on positive thoughts in your mind and execute the correct shot.

Breathing Comfortably to Relax

Breathe deeply and often on the golf course to relax your mind and body and enjoy the sights and sounds of the golf course.  Slow down to feel at ease.  If you hit a bad shot, stop and take a deep inhale and slow exhale.  You will feel your body relax.

Using hypnosis, you can make changes in your subconscious mind to produce a better golf game.  Hypnosis is the bypassing of the conscious mind to make valuable changes for you.  

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